Small as a team, big in terms of output.

We are fast and flexible and we combine a flat organisation and cost structure with a large network of proven service partners.

Blue Meetings®


We create an atmosphere in which all the senses can come into their own. What counts here: learning is about growing into knowledge, it is not about having it knocked into you.

Green Meetings & Events


Climate-friendly journey to the event, short distances, local partners and bio-regional catering – sustainability really is that simple. We are holder of the Austrian Ecolabel.



We only work with people who also understand our philosophy. And because we have been in business for long enough, those people have been part of our network for a long time already.


THINKING out of the box

Thinking something through from all angles is one of our favourite pursuits. We invariably tend to explore new land, i.e. we do not stop at the  frontier of that terra incognita.

We do not work to any rigid old patterns.

By which I mean that we are all too familiar with the tired templates employed for altogether too many events. But you don't want to hear about that, and nor do we want to give it too much thinking space.

We set the stage properly for your event, and we rehearse the right piece with you.

An appropriate analogy, because we are talking about telling the right story, containing the right messages, and recounting it all in just the right tone.

All of which is illuminated to reflect the personality of your company.