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Analog, digital, spatial: With Connect3D we combine the best of all worlds for your event to a new generation.

Convincing events thrive on interaction. Video streams and live chats connect with your customers and bring a real event feeling into your digital event. Using 3D and VR, we overcome spatial limits and take your event to the next level.

Real ATTENTION service begins long before the event: Together with our partner agency Conquest, we offer you all services from the concept to the technical implementation to the organization on site and put together your tailor-made overall package with a strong central theme.

Unlimited possibilities and anything but off the shelf: Choose from our 3 packages „CONNECT 3D Stream“, „CONNECT 3D Studio“ and „CONNECT 3D Space“ according to your requirements. Experience how real all-round service turns your event into an individual brand experience that not only sticks in the mind of the visitors, but in the heart.