Think big and build your unmistakable digital world of experience.

As a stage for an unforgettable event or as a permanent brand world in the online orbit - in a sphere that knows hardly any borders.

If you want, we can model your company building, make the summit of Mount Everest your stage or position you and your guests on soft clouds in the sky.

Make a statement and make an announcement that is heard. Let several live streams run in parallel and give your audience a VR experience that they will remember for a long time: The dispatch of VR glasses is just as much a part of our service portfolio as all other stations on the customer journey. Get in touch with your visitors personally and live in the chat and join us on the way to virtual cooperation.

  • Online event
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Streaming platform
  • Coordination and technical implementation on site
  • Digital invitation and registration management
  • Event and communication design
  • Camera team including sound and video direction on site
  • Real Time Customer Interaction (Text Chat, Live Polls, Live Quiz)
  • Spatial Web Engine (Web 3.0) as a digital twin for physical events or as a stand alone
  • 3D product presentation
  • Preparation of your 3D data
  • Info hotspots / POIS integration
  • Real Time Customer Interaction (Text Chat, Video Chat, Live Pools, Live Quiz)
  • Post event communication & reporting
  • VR integration
  • AR integration
  • Fully branded and individual 3D sceneries
  • Completely individual info points
  • Calendar integration for chats (text and video chats)
  • Detailed reporting
  • Virtual content (booth, machines, products, sceneries and much more)
  • Individual rights system and tracking logics for the virtual environment and data transfers

Online events in all stages of development.

  • Customer Journey
  • Lead Management
  • Digitales Einladungsmanagement
  • Kommunikationskonzept
  • Contenterstellung
    • Text, Bild, 3D Rendering, Video, Animation

  • Spatial Web Engine
    • Barrierefreier Zugang
    • Digital Twin zu physischen Events als Stand Alone oder Hybrid Event
  • Live-Streaming
    • Stage Building
    • Technical Equipment
  • Eventorganisation vor Ort
    • Gesamtkoordination
    • Regieführung
  • Real Time Customer Interaction
    • Text Chat, Video Chat, Live Polls, Live Quiz
  • AR/VR Intergration
  • Schnittstellen zu CRM System
  • Markenkommunikation
  • Reporting

  • Reporting
  • Post Event Communication
    • Sample Mailings
    • Überleitung der Daten ins Lead Management
  • Post Event Version
    • On Demand Inhalte

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