Connect3D Stream

Inspire all of your employees, customers and followers with corona-safe events live from the studio, streamed to your house. If you want, we can accommodate a live audience in addition to moderation, key-note speakers, bands & Co.

State-of-the-art technology and precise image and sound design give you the security of maximum quality for your employees and customers, whom you can involve and personally participate in with live polls and live chat.

Dramaturgically pull out all the benefits with prepared video feeds and the combination of several live streams from different subject areas. The tracking of all user activities gives you information about the preferences and interests of your audience.

Surprise them with an original network of audiovisual events and haptic sensuality. Show the flag and celebrate togetherness!

  • Online event
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Streaming platform
  • On-site coordination and technical implementation
  • Digital invitation and registration management
  • Event and communication design
  • Camera team including sound and video direction on site
  • Real time customer interaction (text chat, live polls, live quiz)

Online events in all stages of development.

  • Customer journey
  • Lead management
  • Digital invitation management
  • Communication concept
  • Content creation
    • Text, image, 3D rendering, video, animation

  • Spatial Web Engine
    • Barrier-free access
    • Digital twin for physical events as a stand alone or hybrid event
  • Live streaming
    • Stage building
    • Technical equipment
  • Event organization on site
    • Overall coordination
    • Directing
  • Real time customer interaction
    • Text chat, video chat, live polls, live quiz
  • AR / VR integration
  • Interfaces to CRM system
  • Brand communication
  • Reporting

  • Reporting
  • Post event communication
    • Sample mailings
    • Transfer of the data to lead management
  • Post event version
    • On demand content

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