Connect3D Studio

We can offer a wide variety of virtual rooms that can be adapted individually for you and your needs.

Present your new product to the world in a branded ambience that will open to your guests in any popular browser without special software. Receive your visitors in a scenario that can be roamed through on the screen.

Guide your guests to original live streams, animations, videos and 3-D product presentations.

And benefit from what is technically possible by showing some visitors more than others. For example, by giving them an insight into the inner workings of certain products or by making special equipment accessible.

The benefits you get from it, go far beyond the special occasion: Without live elements, you can use the room permanently as a virtual showroom - or embed the 3-D presentations in your website or show them on your real exhibition stand.

  • Online event
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Streaming platform
  • Coordination and technical implementation on site
  • Digital invitation and registration management
  • Event and communication design
  • Camera team including sound and video direction on site
  • Real Time Customer Interaction (Text Chat, Live Polls, Live Quiz)
  • Spatial Web Engine (Web 3.0) as a digital twin for physical events or as a stand alone
  • 3D product presentation
  • Preparation of your 3D data
  • Info hotspots / POIS integration
  • Post event communication & reporting
  • VR integration
  • AR integration

Online events in all stages of development.

  • Customer journey
  • Lead management
  • Digital invitation management
  • Communication concept
  • Content creation
    • Text, image, 3D rendering, video, animation

  • Spatial Web Engine
    • Barrier-free access
    • Digital twin for physical events as a stand alone or hybrid event
  • Live streaming
    • Stage building
    • Technical equipment
  • Event organization on site
    • Overall coordination
    • Directing
  • Real time customer interaction
    • Text chat, video chat, live polls, live quiz
  • AR / VR integration
  • Interfaces to CRM system
  • Brand communication
  • Reporting

  • Reporting
  • Post event communication
    • Sample mailings
    • Transfer of the data to lead management
  • Post event version
    • On demand content

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