Established professionals in the events sector.

Markus Meier and Marco Reiter are the left and right ventricles, halves of the brain and alternate hands of Attention. A left-right combination with more than fifteen years of international senior management experience in the events business, in conference management, in catering and in Sales & Marketing.

Markus Meier

  • Creative Mastermind
  • Thinks out of the Box
  • Catering specialist
  • 20 years of experience in the event industrie
  • 😊 Can only achieve his goals with coffee

After studying Tourism, and graduating from the Tourismusschule Bad Leonfelden I spent a total of twelve years in the Bermudas and on the Cayman Islands, and I also lived in Boston, in the USA.

Of course, I also worked. As a Restaurant Manager and Assistant General Manager in large catering businesses. Following my return to the Danube, I attended further studies in Event Management, then joined a highly thought of event management agency in the Austrian town of Linz.

I rapidly rose to the position of Project Manager and was responsible not just for progressively larger events, but also as Agency Manager for the entire team.

Dealing with people gives me just as much pleasure as the creative work involved in the design of events and their meticulous and on-schedule delivery.

Marco Reiter

  • Sales & Marketing Expert
  • High communication skills
  • Trend-Scout
  • Digital Hero
  • 😊 lost his phone in the sea

Studied nutrition and business studies, the two focal areas of study at the HBLW that I attended in Linz and from which I graduated with the Austrian 'Matura'. I then went on to study Global Sales at Fachhochschule Steyr and this was great theoretical preparation for practical work at the Design Center in Linz.

There for four years I studied Marketing, I was Sales & Marketing Manager at this renowned event and conference location, and I was able to win many new events and customers.

I was also taken on board by the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg in Ravensburg to pass on my knowledge about high-end sales events as a tutor in workshops. I am motivated by the process of turning ideas into reality and my core skills are an intuitive sense about customers, and my staying power.

Philipp Kastler
Senior Project Manager

  • Loves to get things done
  • Down-to-earth & humorous
  • Creative & innovative
  • Music expert
  • 😊 Also known as "Leberkastler" in the ATTENTION. office!

As a skilled production engineer and graphic designer, I took off to Los Angeles to pursue my passion for music.

After successfully completing a diploma in Media & Art and a Master in English, I worked with numerous major international festivals such as Coachella, Burning Man, EDC Las Vegas, SXSW, Shambhala, Boom, Lightning in a Bottle or Dirtybird Campout in a variety of roles. My tasks ranged from marketing, press and digital publicity to artist management and booking and up to conception and production. During this time, I was able to make many new contacts and gained countless experiences that will help me with the smooth implementation of new ideas.

Innovative and unique solutions to create an exceptional experience for customers and visitors are my great strengths, and I would like to share these with ATTENTION. to bring them to the next level.

Mui Ly Brunner-Tea
Senior Project Manager

  • Structured & organized
  • Hands-on
  • Always up for a joke
  • Always keeping a cool head
  • 😊 Only tea please!

During my time at HBLA, I discovered my passion for hospitality and events. Even back then, we were drummed into “mise en place is the key”. Since then, this sentence has resonated in my private and professional life, because in every area, good preperation is half the battle.

After completing my teacher training studies in Vienna, I went to the high seas for a few years, where I was able to get to know many different people and countries. Back on land I expanded my knowledge in the field of events, sales and marketing in the beautiful Palais Linz. On the weekends I completed the master’s course in tourism management at the JKU Linz.

After years in organizing trade fairs in the plastics industry, I can now be part of the ATTENTION. family.

Every event should inspire and bring joy - I am very happy to be able to do my part.

Anton Prenner
Project & Quality Manager

  • Event enthusiastic
  • Creative Mind
  • High sense of responsibility
  • Well structured
  • 😊 Hobby Farmer with a great passion for cows

My life has always been shaped by two great passions: sports and music. What connects both of them are events, because they have the power to bring people together and inspire them.

After graduating from high school, I studied business administration at the University of Graz. In addition to numerous practical experiences, I can look back on more than three incredibly valuable years as a Student Trainee at AVL List GmbH in Graz in the areas of event, project and process management. To specialize further, I then decided to do a master's degree in business administration in the field of sports and event management at the University of Schloss Seeburg. After graduating from university, I went on a trip around the world lasting several months, where I was able to gain wonderful impressions and getting to know interesting people and cultures.

Now I'm back and highly motivated to take off in the event industry. Attention offers me the optimal framework conditions to be able to develop my potential in the best possible way.

Janine Oberreither
Project Manager

  • organizational skills
  • Versatile and imaginative
  • High sense of responsibility
  • Motivated and always in a good mood
  • 😊 Has more shoes at home than a whole shoe store

I discovered my passion for event and project management during my training at HLW Steyr. The subjects marketing, project management, business administration and design have always been among my favorites.

After leaving school, I became more and more aware during my previous job in internal sales that dealing with customers and the positive customer feedback gave me motivation to expand and improve my skills again and again.

At ATTENTION, I am now convinced that I have found a reliable and innovative employer where I can contribute my know-how and a lot of passion in the most diverse project phases.

With my commitment, I want to make a significant contribution to ensuring that every planned event is an impressive experience for customers and their guests that will be remembered for a long time.