Flash of lightning!

We urgently needed professional photos for our homepage so that we could go online as soon as possible. A white room high and large was needed - these were our conditions.

Thanks to Reinhard Winkler Photography we found what we were looking for relatively quickly and ended up in his aunt's empty apartment. The apartment was exactly between the main square and the promenade and was large and white. Exactly how we imagined it. With 2 “clothes boxes” in store, we headed towards the city center. We already met Reinhard at the Hautplatz, who immediately offered courteous ATTENTION. lent a hand when carrying the two clothes boxes. Since we didn't even have the last shirt sleeve button, Reinhard already started taking pictures.

We quickly understood his tactics. He often involved us in normal conversations with our fingers on the trigger. From time to time we didn't even notice that we were in the middle of a photo shoot. Even during the break, Reinhard just continued shooting. He just couldn't be stopped. All in all, it was a casual, very fun and creative shoot. The 3 hours have passed like in flight. We think the result is impressive. Thanks Reinhard for the fun day.

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