©Christian Holzinger

CAESAR 2016 Award Ceremony

It is November 24th, 2016, it is 8:16 pm and the percentage bars of the last 3 nominees are moving digitally, head to head towards the goal. The goal to become CAESAR 2016.

One bar turned out to be the "fastest", the winner. The other two just behind. Suddenly, parallel with Sylvia Schneider's voice, the resolution, the word ATTENTION appears in the winning bar. The event agency with the project SPAR - An evening in the warehouse.

Incomprehensible. Goosebumps moment. Let everything settle, straighten your jacket, get up and be happy together with our customer and walk towards the stage. Let our customer step on stage and enjoy.

Stop, there is still someone missing. My better half. After the analysis by the likeable juror from Germany Thomas Börgel, I brought my business partner Markus Meier on stage. Always behind the scenes, now in the spotlight.

Together you can enjoy and experience even more.

Almost together we said to each other: What a first year! ☺

CAESAR 2016 is not just ours. This prize belongs to many dear people. Starting with our families, a fantastic customer and our reliable business partner, without whom none of this would have been possible.

The best thing about it, with CAESAR 2016, we are qualified for the 2017 nationwide advertising award in the "Events" category for the first time. Of course, that makes our hearts beat faster. But if we have learned one thing in this still young life, love and gratitude!

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