Starke Schulen Award 2017

High above the clouds, on the 35th floor - in line with the scope and performance of the numerous submissions, the 1st "Starke Schulen Award" was given in the Thirty Five event location in Vienna.

A total of 83 school projects were submitted for the categories Science Award, Jury Award and Audience Award.

It was not primarily about improving school grades, but about changing attitudes, responsible action, individual support, increased motivation, lived integration and respectful interaction with one another.

The prizes were endowed with EURO 3,000.00 each and were highly coveted among the 150 guests present who made full use of the location's capacity.

In the end there were 3 winning projects, but you have to keep in mind that actually all submitted projects and project participants were winners - they had one thing in common: there was passion behind the projects, cooperation, a good cause and a lot of heart.

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